Client Tutorial

Ranked Gaming Client basics!

Table of Contents

  1. Intruduction
  2. Download, install and run "RGC"
  3. Make account and login into client
  4. Play your first game
  5. Knowing client better


Hello everyone, this is tutorial about how to use Ranked Gaming Client properly. It contains basic info about the things that you need to be familliar with, in order to play on the client. When you finish reading this tutorial, you might want to check out Client General Commands. and the Client Access Commands.

Download, Install and run RGC.

  • Download "Ranked Gaming Client" latest version from here: Click here!

  • Extract files from downloaded content. There is no rule where you must extract files. In case below, I extracted files into "Program Files".

    Extracted content

    Picture 1. Extracted content

  • Go to extracted "Ranked Gaming Client" folder and run "rgc.exe". If updates are available, patcher will be showed. Update will be automatically downloaded and installed. After that, "Connect" window should pop-up.

    -If you are using "Windows 7" be sure to run "rgc.exe" as a administrator. If "RGC" fails to update, first run rgcp.exe as a administator.
    -If you experience any other problems, bugs, feel free to check our Support Center.
    -Your "Connect" window layout could look diffrent because default skin may vary but more about that in upcoming chapters.
    Connect window

    Picture 2. Connect window

Make account and login into client.

  • After you click on "Connect" button, "Login" window should pop-up. To make new account click "Register" button.

    -If you are unable to connect, probably your antivirus is blocking "RGC". So you must put "RGC" on safelist. How to do that
    would depend on the antivirus you use.
    Connect window

    Picture 3. Login window

  • In "Register" window fill all fields with required information and click "Register"

    Register window

    Picture 4. Register window

  • After you finished registration, you will be re-directed back to "Login" window. Enter your user name and password and press "Login" button. If you enter correct information, "RGC" main window should pop-up.

    Main window

    Picture 5. Main window

Playing your first game on RGC

  • First you need to set path to your "Warcraft III:Frozen Throne.exe". To do that click on "Settings" which is located in the upper-left corner of the client. Then click on Dota tab. Click on "Find" and navigate to your "Warcraft III" folder and select "Frozen Throne.exe". In case below i set my path to "D:/Warcraft III/Frozen Throne.exe". Also you can choose default mode. In the end don't forget to save.

    -Currently "RGC" is supporting "Warcraft III:Frozen Throne" 1.26 version. If you don have it, you won't be able to play.
    Setting path

    Picutre 6. Setting path

  • Now we are ready to sign for a game. To do that press "Sign" button in the bottom-right corner. Your nick should be added to "Signed players" list. When 10 players are signed you will hear sound "The game has been hosted" and text message on chat too(Game hosted message). Start your "Warcraft III:Frozen Throne" by clicking on last button in a row on the top of the client.

    Sign and run

    Picutre 7. Sign and run game

  • In "Warcraft III:Frozen Throne" go to "Local Area Network" (Lan icon) and you will see list of hosted games. The game you signed for would appear blue.

  • Hosted games list

    Picture 8. Hosted games list"

  • Now join a game. Since you are signed for that game, your slot will be reserved for a minute. After a minute, all slot reservation are removed and everyone is able to to enter a hosted game. To make a game start, all players inside game need to type "!ready". As soon as possbile all players type "!ready" bot will start a game and you will hear sound "The game is starting". Also you can check your ping to server by typing "!pingall". Haven fun in your game.

    Ready command

    Picture 9. Typing "!ready"

  • Do not leave game before the Tree/Throne is dead or game is "!ff'd" or remaked. With "!ff" command you can vote for forfeiting game before the Tree/Throne is dead or with "!votermk" command to be remaked. You can check your win/lose ratio here.

Knowing client better.

  • Lets go back to main window. To explain better main window environment and functionality, we will divide it in few parts:

    1. Menu
    2. Rooms list and private messages
    3. Chat window and user list
    4. Games list and sign system

    On the picture below you can see these parts graphically presented.


    Picture 10. Main window parts

  • Chat window and user list occupy the central part of main window. Use text box on the bottom of the client to send text messages. Also you can use text box for "commands". With "commands" you can add friend, check somones profile, join another channel, whisper a user... To add user in friend list you must type "/f add name" (e.g. /f add Sir-rogers). You can check list of all commands here.

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