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Thread: Christmas Giveaway

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    Re: Christmas Giveaway

    Your Rgc username : kamui_san
    Age : 21
    Country : Nepal
    Something from your heart: RGC has been More than Gaming Platform To me . It has Been Best Experience Of my life. I have laughed falling off my chair , I have Cried here. So, Wishing Merry Christmas To RGC community From bottom of my heart ,hoping to have More memorable moments here.


    RGC Christmas Pic: ( Adobe illustrator )

    RGC Design : (Adobe PhotoshoP)

    Quick normal video (Adobe premiere pro)

    Others in RGC : Managing Minitours/tours/events / rpg

    Not A professional but a quick learner still on Learning Phase . With Good guidance and platform Hoping to keep on chasing perfection.

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    Re: Christmas Giveaway

    Your Rgc username : Jr.[C]
    Age : 21 Country : Pakistan
    Something from your heart: it could be happy to be a part of this event
    Just keep it up long live RGC advanced Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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    Re: Christmas Giveaway

    Your Rgc username : longtime-
    Age : 25 , country : Lebanon
    Something from your Heart : Merry christmass with all my heart To everyone. Keep working hard on this platform , Love you guys Happy new year.

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    Re: Christmas Giveaway

    Your RGC Username: `JkobFlow
    Age: 20
    Something from your Heart: There's no Christmas without Christ
    So it'll never be "X-MAS"
    It is CHRISTMAS!
    Merry Christmas Everyone!!

    Extra-curricular: <

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    Re: Christmas Giveaway

    Your RGC username: [SatisfaccioN]
    Age: 20
    Country: Perú
    Something from your heart: Merry christmas for all rgc community, the only platform that offers play dota (in my country). For this reason, i wish you many years life. Long live RGC (Sorry for my bad english)

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